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Local Time11:57 AM

Local Temperature 29.6°C / 85.3°F

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Six years later, building on the popularity of Ambong-Ambong, Ambong Pool Villas came to fruition on a separate site 300m away, offering the same warm service at an equally tranquil setting, with 9 private pool villas overlooking the sea and islands of Langkawi.

Set in a lush tropical forest alive with wild life overlooking the Andaman Sea, we are secluded though not isolated, our guests love the serenity of the hotel which is a mere five-minute walk from Pantai Tengah, one of the finer beaches on the island. Several convenience shops, excellent restaurants, cafes, bars and tourist attractions are also minutes away.

For independent-minded travellers who like to set their own pace, we could well be the ideal place for you.

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